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Simplicity Plus

Filtration System

    Available as an option on any Pentagon, FlatBack Hexagon, and practically all Rectangular tanks.  Simplicity Plus is a Acrylic original design that is built into the tank back allowing low maintenance and easy setup with no plumbing, clutter or leaks.  These filters include a chamber for a protein skimmer (36" and longer models), heater chamber, sump level adjuster, fresh air injection fittings, mechanical and chemical chambers.  The sump area is large enough to accept almost any powerhead on the market and designed with an overflow safety feature to prevent spillage.  The Simplicity Plus system is the original internal filtration aquarium which is ideal for salt and fresh water use.  All Simplicity Plus systems are designed to accommodate the maximum amount of biomedia for dependability.   Quiet and reliable, Simplicity Plus aquariums have added a new dimension to the hobby and has set a new standard in value.


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Pictured above is the back on a 60x24x24 Simplicity Plus aquarium.  Powerheads and bio-media are also included.



"They're not your typical, run-of-the-mill fish tanks...... they are more like works of art."


A.R.B. Distributing is an established aquarium supply

Shipped Direct from Factory  -  BELOW Factory Suggested Prices !

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