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Aquarium Chillers

Micro Electronic Chillers

* Electronic ium water chiller and heater

* Great for freshwater & saltwater aquariums

* Digital display for precise temperature control

* Uses microchip technology to keep tank cool

* Automatic switch between heat & chill

* Great for nano reef tanks

* Ultra compact in design

* Ultra quiet - virtually no noise

* Energy saving

* Environmentally friendly

* Includes rubber feet

* 1/2" inch fittings included

* Easy to set up, easy to operate



Mighty Pro Chillers

* Finest ium chillers for freshwater or saltwater

* Precise dual temperature control for accurate settings

* High quality, durable, reliable

* Quiet - low noise

* High BTU ratings (heat removal)

* Heater control power outlet (heater not included)

* Removable easy to clean air filter

* Includes fittings & instructions for easy set up

* Integrated dual stage thermostat



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Acrylic Aquarium Sale:




"They're not your typical, run-of-the-mill fish tanks...

... they are more like works of art."


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