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Aquarium UV Sterilizers

When used in conjunction with proper fish-keeping practices, an ultraviolet sterilizer is a great way to help protect aquarium inhabitants from potentially harmful microorganisms. Ultraviolet sterilizers use a special fluorescent lamp that emits light at a wavelength of 253.7 nanometers. Aquarium water pumped through the UV chamber is exposed to this UV light and is irradiated. Free-floating microorganisms in the passing water are affected by the UV light and are no longer able to multiply. Through continual use, UV sterilizers can help manage water quality issues due to microorganisms such as bacteria, algae, and parasites.



Choosing the right size unit
Proper flow rate through the UV chamber determines the effectiveness and use of a UV unit. Set at different flow rates, a UV sterilizer can be used effectively against bacteria, algae, or parasites. Different flow rates control different organisms. Therefore, a flow rate suitable for controlling bacteria or free-floating algae may not be effective against parasites. Larger organisms like parasites are more resistant to irradiation and require a slower flow rate to extend UV exposure time. To adjust UV exposure time, simply increase or reduce the rate water is flowing through the UV sterilizer.



Optional wiper adds 1.5", and requires 17" clearance


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